5 MHz for Jamaica

Jamaican Spectrum Management Authority (SMA) has updated their National Frequency Allocation Table, providing spectrum allocation in accordance with the WRC-15 5Mhz allocation at 5351.5 – 5366.5 kHz, with a maximum power of 25 watts EIRP.
2nd Vice-President of the Jamaican Amateur Radio Association (JARA) Ivor Barrett 6Y5DW is promoting the use of the 60m Band.
Our Field Day is coming up on the weekend of June 23-25 where we will be setting up communications both voice and digital in the town of Port Antonio in the Parish of Portland on the North Eastern end of the Island. We will be operating  under the Jamaica Amateur Radio Assoc. (JARA) club's callsign 6Y5RA/p.  If you would like to make a 'sked' let me know. We can probably resonate an all band wire ant. somewhere within this "new" band.
Jamaica SMA National Frequency Allocation Table (p.8) - http://www.sma.gov.jm/sites/default/files/Jamaica_National_FrequencyAllocationTable_Aug_26_2016.pdf
Jamaican Amateur Radio Association (JARA) - http://www.jamaicaham.org/