US Ham Possible Oldest Active Radio Amateur

ARRL member 105-year-old Cliff Kayhart, W4KKP, of White Rock, South Carolina, is claiming the title of “World’s Oldest Operating Ham.” 
No official record of such milestones exists, but ARRL is not aware of any radio amateurs senior to Kayhart, and he is now quite likely the oldest active ham at least in the US.
Early this year, Charlie Hellman, W2RP, died at 106; he also may have been the longest licensed. Hellman outlived the former “oldest US ham,” Harry Wolf, W6NKT, by 8 days. Wolf was a couple of weeks shy of turning 108. Kayhart now lives at The Heritage at Lowman Home.
“I have had to get help getting set up after moving here from Tennessee,” he said in his profile. “Two local clubs, Dutch Fork Amateur Radio Group and Columbia Amateur Radio Club, have been there to help. It has been slow going. They tell me I may be the oldest operating ham.” Kayhart is active on 80 meters.
Born in 1911, Kayhart was first licensed in 1937 as W2LFE in New Jersey. He then was W9GNQ before becoming W4KKP.
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