WIA consults - Increased Foundation Power

The Wireless Institute of Australia is holding a consultation about increasing the Foundation power level to 50 watts and removing some of the restrictions
When Foundation was introduced into Australia in 2005/6 holders were given a very low power level, were banned from using Digital Modes or doing DIY and could only use a limited number of bands. They were also given unusually long 7 character callsigns in the format VKnFxxx.
The WIA is now seeking to remove these restrictions.  ‘
The Institute also wishes to increase the power of the Standard license, which is equivalent to UK Intermediate, to 200 watts output and to remove the bandwidth restrictions. 
For Advanced they want 1 kW output and additional frequencies.
The WIA License Consultation - https://www.wia.org.au/joinwia/wia/FutureLicenceConditionsConsultationPhase2/