First CubeSat from Chile

Last month, Chile launched their first CubeSat from a base in India.


Beacon Frequency : 437.225 MHz
Mode : CW
Speed : 20 wpm
Periodicity : 60 seconds
Message : 00SUCHAI0 + TELEMETRY (variable length)

CW beacon telemetry consists of four different frames with information of main subsystems.


Cubesat Engineering
By Patrick Stakem

Frequency : 437.225 MHz
Mode : FM (MSK)
Baudrate : 1200 bps

The Chilean CubeSat group would appreciate any reports in the following formats

  1. If you recorded the audio file (for beacon or telemetry)
    Submit an email to with the file using the following subject format
    <Date> - <Time (UTC)> - <Callsign or Name>

    2017/06/23 - 11:58:26 - CA3SBE
    In the body of the email you can add optional information like your location (Country, City or Latitude and Longitude) and the equipment that you are using to receive the signal.
  2. If you decoded the beacon see links to send reports, Guide to decode beacon etc here
    The preliminary TLE file can be found at the following link. We will update this file as soon as the launcher provide us with new information -

More info and videos (Spanish) -