BBC to End AM Local Radio

The BBC will be closing a number of AM local radio stations from January 2018

Following a number of trials over the past few years, the BBC has confirmed that from January 2018, Medium Wave transmissions of a number of BBC Local Radio stations will either cease or be reduced.

The plans will result in BBC Radio Sussex, Surrey, Humberside, Wiltshire, Nottingham, Kent, and Lincolnshire no longer being broadcast on Medium Wave and reduced MW coverage for BBC Devon, Lancashire and Essex.

The reduction of Medium Wave services was first considered as part of the BBC's 2011 "Delivering Quality First" program. Trial switch-offs in subsequent years provided the BBC the chance to find out how many listeners were listening on AM. Most switch-offs took place without much public reaction, although a trial affecting BBC Radio Merseyside's signal provoked a strong reaction from listeners and national newspaper headlines. BBC Radio Merseyside's Medium Wave signal has been left off the current closure list.

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