UK Amateur Radio Licence Guidance

A revised copy of the Ofcom document Amateur Radio Licence Guidance for Licensees is available via the Guidance Resources on the RSGB website

Areas of change from the previous edition include:

  • 1.9 - Club licence
  • 1.13 - Use of # in the callsign printed in Section 1 of licence
  • 1.19 - Changing and transferring callsigns
  • 1.21 - Main station address
  • 2.28/.29 - HAREC
  • 2.64 - Licence validation

The Guidance Resources page also contains a link to the UK Territorial Seas map and Operating Guidance for Scottish Waters. These show areas, known as Internal or Inland Waters, where Foundation and Intermediate holders may operate from a vessel.

On internal waters such as the Thames Estuary, Solent or Bristol Channel the optional /M suffix may be used.

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