RepeaterBook App for Finding Repeaters

The RepeaterBook app using the community populated database of  enables Amateur/Ham Radio Operators to easily find repeaters across the World - Europe, USA, Canada, Mexico and over 70 other countries, for free and without a network connection.

An update has been released, providing offline search by Town, Frequency, CallSign or Locator/Grid.

Other RepeaterBook Features include

  • Use RepeaterBook Offline Search, GPS or network to find Repeaters.  (iPhone soon)
  • Displays your locator/grid and selection distance.
  • Comprehensive selection, sorting and display options.
  • Displays distance, heading and full repeater details.
  • Fast and flexible, designed to help you use the repeater network.
  • Supports 20 languages (Android)
  • Easily submit updates and additions from within the app.
  • Support for BlueCAT - FT-857, FT-817, FT897, FT100 and ICOM 7000, 7100, 9100 Bluetooth CAT interfaces. Touch a  repeater to instantly set your radio, no more fiddling with CTCSS, frequency and offsets. 

Repeaterbook - http://www.repeaterbook .com