Franch Consultation on WRC-19 position

France’s ANFR (L'Agence nationale des fréquences), the national body for Amateur / Ham Radio is to carry out a consultation exercise to gauge their response to WRC-19.

The closing date of the consultation is November 30.

These WRC-19 Agenda Items are of interest to the Amateur Services:
AI-1.1 (50-54 MHz), AI-1.7, AI-1.12, AI-1.13, AI-1.15, AI-1.16, AI-8, AI-9.1.6, AI-91.8

In addition the following preliminary Agenda Items for WRC-23 (in 2023) are also of interest: AI-2.2. AI-2.3

The ANFR Consultation -

ANFR Document (PDF) -

The RSGB Response to Ofcom's UK Consultation -