Enigma Reloaded at NRC

The fifth Enigma Reloaded event will take place in two stages.

Until 5 October 2018, Italian and other amateur radio stations registered as activator stations will be on the air to allow participants to obtain the points required for the Enigma Award.

GB3RS at National Radio Centre Bletchley Park

GB3RS at National Radio Centre Bletchley Park

On 6 October 2018, the final day, the activator stations will exchange predefined CW messages previously enciphered by a real or emulated Enigma machine.

The RSGB’s National Radio Centre (NRC), located at Bletchley Park, will be the only UK organisation participating.

A team of CW operators using the NRC’s amateur radio station, GB3RS, will take down the encoded message and pass it to an Enigma operator for decoding into plain text.

The original WWII Enigma machine, and an operator, will be provided by Bletchley Park.

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