Planned South African SDR Cubesat

AMSAT SA has announced that parallel to its analogue Kletskous CubeSat, the group is working on a digital project featuring a Software defined transponder.

Called AfriCUBE, the CubeSat will use the same space frame as KLETSKOUS. Anton Janovsky is current building a prototype transponder.

AMSATSA is inviting persons interested in becoming part of the development team to send their details to

Meanwhile the development and final construction of the AMSAT SA KLETSKOUS is plagued by electronic component obsolescence. This forces unwanted design changes to be made to ensure that when the time comes to construct the final launch unit, the main components are still available. The KLETSKOUS team decided to freeze the design of KLETSKOUS and purchase a quantity of devices to proactively mitigate future obsolescence. This decision will also speed up the process of putting a final satellite on the table.

Every time we change designs to mitigate for the discontinued components, it is like starting the design afresh, often creating new problems that have to be solved. By freezing the design, in other words making a final decision on the main specialised devices to be used, we will be able to speed up the process of putting a flight ready unit on the table.
— Hannes Coetzee, ZS6BZP

KLETSKOUS is not a textbook design. Most of the sub-components that will make up KLETS KOUS are designed and being built by the volunteer team. "We do not have the finances to go out and purchase sub-units and simply wire them up," Hannes said.