2019 Hamvention® Awards Nominations Open

The Hamvention Awards event has been held since 1955. Over these years many amateurs have been honored for their dedication and selfless contributions to our avocation and to mankind.

The Technical Achievement Award will be given to a selected amateur radio operator who has achieved technical excellence in the world of amateur radio. Examples are inventions, processes, discoveries, experiments and other technical accomplishments or any other outstanding technical achievement that contributed to amateur radio.

The Special Achievement Award will be given to a deserving amateur that made an outstanding contribution to the advancement of the radio art and or science. This award is usually given to a respected amateur who spearheaded a single significant project.

The Amateur of the Year Award is given to a ham that has made a long-term commitment to the advancement to amateur radio. This individual will have a history of ham radio contributions and has had a dedication to service, professionalism and the advancement of the avocation of amateur radio.

The Club of the Year will be honored for clearly demonstrating their involvement in varied aspects of Amateur Radio for the greater good of their community and/or their nation.

The above awards are given every year and represent the “Academy Award” of the amateur radio world.

Nominations are now open for the 2019 award process. Nomination forms dedicated to the appropriate award are available at http://hamvention.org/event-details/awards/. At a minimum, each form should be completed with the information indicated. Please make sure that the nominating person is identified with a method to reach-back to them in the case of questions from the nominating committee.

Forms may be submitted using the following methods:

· Email: awards@hamvention.org

· US Postal Mail:

Attn: Awards Committee
Box 964
Dayton, OH 45401-0964

The nomination process will close on 15 February 2019. Soon after, the committee selection will take place, and an announcement will be made through selected media outlets. The winners will be posted with details on their accomplishments in the Hamvention program as well as this website. An honors convocation will also be held on Saturday evening of the Hamvention weekend and a presentation of the award winners will be made to the general audience on Sunday afternoon prior to the prize award activity.