JS8Call 0.10.0 Released

Version 0.10.0 of JS8Call has been released.

Included in this update prominent update is the ADIF group has approved the JS8 mode to be added to the ADIF specification as a submode under MFSK. This means that soon logging programs and verification services (LoTW, eQSL, etc) will accept your JS8Call QSOs. Version 0.10 of the app will log all new QSOs under the new spec. If you’re looking to verify old QSOs, you’ll likely have to modify your log file. Ask the email list if you need help with that.

Further new features

  • You can now mark your station as active/idle manually. This controls what your station sends as a result of “STATUS?” direct messages.

  • When you are heartbeating, your station will send either “HB ACTIVE” or “HB IDLE” based on that toggle. This should help with determining station status without having to send “STATUS?” command all the time.

  • The heartbeat button has moved next to the CQ button. It includes an inline countdown to the next heartbeat. Right click (or use the Control->Heartbeat) menu for heartbeat options.

  • The CQ button now also has that same menu…meaning you can automatically repeat CQ messages on an interval.

  • The best part? When you receive a message (as well as transmit) the HB timer is reset, and CQ repeat is stopped. This should help avoid heartbeats in the middle of a QSO.

  • You also have to be actively heartbeating and have auto enabled to respond to heartbeats with ACKs. So, keep that in mind!

  • You can now add or remove a group callsign directly from the heard list.

  • There’s now a full-screen toggle (with a keyboard shortcut of F11) to make it easier to use JS8Call on small monitors.

Download JS8Call 0.10.0 - https://groups.io/g/js8call/wiki/Download-Links