Nigeria Next to Get 60GHz

The Nigerian Communication Commission (NCC) has made announcements on opening up 60 GHz and an Amateur Radio Services draft authorisation framework

Tthe Nigerian Communication Commission (NCC) says it in the process of opening up a 60 GHz Band, also known as the V-band, for the deployment of Amateur Radio Services.

A framework, according to Nigerian Communication Commission (NCC), was intended to provide a clear and comprehensive outline for amateur radio operations in Nigeria.

Like-minded users of amateur radio build a community of amateur users to exchange personal, cultural and technical information. It is good for technical investigations and wireless experimentation.

It appears that 60 GHz and amateur radio framework announcements may have inadvertently become combined in the report.

The draft document is available on the NCC website, it says holders must be at least 18 years old, a surprising restriction since there are no age limits in other countries such as UK and USA.There will be three license classes:

  • Novice, with access to one HF band and one VHF/UHF band (bands not specified)
  • General  
  • Advanced

Download the NCC amateur radio draft authorisation framework document -

The draft references ITU-R M.1544-1, which covers the basic skills required of an Amateur Radio Operator, it can be downloaded from!!PDF-E.pdf


The Nigeria Amateur Radio Society -