Experimental Homebrew Equipment Does Not Require Type Approval

Experimental home brew equipment developed and built by South African radio amateurs for their own use in terms of the conditions of their license will not require type approval, ICASA agreed at the quarterly SARL/ICASA liaison meeting held on Thursday last week.

The exemption of the type approval process is ongoing and will only be finalised in ICASA's 2018/2019 financial year which starts on 1 April 2018.

The approval and publication of the band plan was again discussed. The SARL expressed its dissatisfaction and asked that the amateur radio frequency table be unlocked form the overall band plan as it is now being unnecessarily delayed due to ongoing disagreements between the Department of Telecommunication and Postal Service and ICASA over other issues in the National Frequency Plan. ICASA responded by confirming that they are doing everything possible to expedite the matter and indicated that they and DTPS would meet soon to finalise the plan. The final approval lies with the DTPS Minster Dr Cwele.

The proposal that CRASA, the body of SADC regulators, accept the CEPT guest licensing arrangement will be discussed at the CRASA AGM scheduled for early April 2018. ICASA said they will support the proposal. Radio amateurs in SADC countries could assist by talking to their regulators and explain the benefits of the CEPT agreement.