Radio Hams Assist GirlGuides to go International

Eight members of the north Norfolk-based Amateur Radio group Bittern DXers have been teaching girl guides how to contact colleagues around the world as part of Thinking Day on The Air

Thinking on the Air Day is an opportunity for the members of girlguiding from the youngest rainbow to the oldest trefoil guild member to talk to other members of the World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts via amateur radio.

On this day each year members remember the founders of the movement and take part in various activities to think about their sisters throughout the world.

The girl guides were given the chance to find a transmitter 50 yards away, shown how the Morse code works, and they all keyed their name correctly, earning a certificate.

They were then allowed to talk on air to each other using handsets before being introduced to VHF working with each participant correctly conducting a meaningful conversation with a club member outside on a handheld.

One brownie had a short conversation with an amateur in Germany.

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