Rare U.S. Counties Activated

The Fox Mike Hotel Portable Ops Team will activate Issaquena County, Mississippi and Sharkey County, Mississippi on 7-8th April 2018 as part of the MS QSO Party: 1400Z 7 April
2018 and ends at 0200Z 8 April 2018 (9AM to 9PM local time on Saturday).

The team includes Frank K4FMH, Thomas N5WDG, Glen KW5GP, and Teri AC5YL.
We plan to be in Mayersville MS (Issaquena) from 9am to 1pm and Rolling Fork MS (Sharkey) from 2pm to 9pm when the Party ends.

We plan to operate SSB and possibly FT8 (depending on band cx) with phone power from 100W to 500W with two phone stations operating, all under the K4FMH call sign.

There are NO licensed amateurs in Issaquena and only 12 in Sharkey, making both exceptionally rate counties for DX entities. For the ARRL Grid Square Contest during 2018, the grid for our location in Issaquena is EM42lv while that for our location site in Sharkey is EM42nv. This might be one of the few chances during 2018 to work either square.

The bands and rules for the MS QSO Party - http://www.arrlmiss.org/2018_-_2018_MSQP_Rules.pdf

Many thanks to Frank Howell for alerting us to this story (K4FMH)