Young Radio Hams to Attend YOTA Event in South Africa

The SARL will be hosting 80 young radio amateurs between 16 and 25 years old, representing 34 countries, at the 2018 YOTA summer event to be held in Gauteng from 8-15 August 2018   

This is a first for Africa and a first for South Africa to host this major youth amateur radio event. Participants are joining the camp from many European, near East and African countries.

YOTA is the acronym for "Youngsters on the Air" and has the objective of drawing together young licensed radio amateurs to learn new radio communication skills, discuss and share ideas about amateur radio and its future. "This event is a unique opportunity for introducing young people to technical careers in science and technology and an investment prospect for industry to help shape the future of technology training", SARL President Nico van Rensburg said.

The participants will be exposed to building a transceiver, creating a BACARSat to fly on a high-altitude balloon, learn about each other's cultures and focus on how to take amateur radio forward in their own country.

Your financial support is needed to make this the greatest ever YOTA event. You are invited to invest in the youth and the future of amateur radio. Make your contribution today. Pay your contribution into the SARL account or make use of PayPal.

For more details and to download a prospectus visit

IARU Region 1 is a major financial contributor to the YOTA event.

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