Power Changes for Amateur Radio in Norway

Norway's communications regulator Nkom is consulting on changes to the amateur radio regulations

Among the planned changes is allowing 1 kW output at VHF/UHF for EME or Meteor Scatter operation. The previous limit for the VHF/UHF bands had been 100 or 300 watts.

It is also proposed to add maximum allowed power for transmissions from model aircraft, remote controlled helicopters or drones of 10 mW eirp in 2300-2450 MHz band and 25 mW eirp in the 5650-5670 MHz band.

Closing date for responses to the consultation is 2 May 2018 - https://www.nkom.no/aktuelt/nyheter/høring-av-endringer-av-forskrift-om-radioamatørlisens

License Changes (PDF) - https://www.nkom.no/aktuelt/nyheter/_attachment/32918?_download=true&_ts=1621a174339