Australian Callbook

Australian amateurs radio operators may be interested in a new callbook program from Tim at MapAbility (home of the Global Overlay Mapper), featuring the latest VK licensing data and georeferences it to create an up-to-the-minute callbook that can be visualised on Overlay and Online maps, and spatially queried and compared against other data tables, imported lists (many types), ContestRadar, and your own ADIF or Cabrillo logs.

You can easily answer such questions as: How many hams are based in grid-square PF95? What is the nearest Shire to SOTA entity AC-021? What are the 5 nearest lighthouses to Merimbula, and what direction are they? How many hams live within 50km of the Bald Rock National Park? Does a QSO with Iceland cross Japan? Are there any special-event stations near to the Victoria State Centre IOTA group? And many more..

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