Ham Radio Operators Help Save Lives in Tinder Fire

Amateur radio operators beat out modern technology on Sunday 29th April 2018, possibly helping save lives in the Tinder Fire

Mary Lou Hagan KG7TPK and Bill Hagan KG7TPM are members of the Amateur Radio Emergency Service (ARES). The two and their emergency district coordinator, Joe Hobart W7LUX, were at the Coconino County Emergency Operations Center (EOS) Sunday, when the communication troubles began because of poor cell service at the fire line.

The cell phones started to become difficult and all of a sudden, the information started coming through here
— Bill Hagan - KG7TPM

On the other end was a team member on the fire line needing to get evacuation information out fast.

For two hours, these hams relayed life-saving information, getting out a code red to those in the Blue Ridge community in the path of the flames.

Media Story - http://www.kvoa.com/story/38080073/ham-radio-operators-help-save-lives-in-tinder-fire