LED Bulb RF Pollution

DARC, the German national amateur radio society, are repeating a request for amateurs to send LED bulbs which pollute the RF spectrum to the magazine Elektor for investigation

Elektor-Verlag GmbH calls all readers and especially all radio amateurs to send non-compliant LED bulbs including power supplies. Elektor wants to investigate this EMC-technically and then forward it to the competent market surveillance department of the national regulator, BNetzA.

As a result of a press release from the DARC in September 2017 on the significantly increasing interference to radio communications, other radio services and the interference to DAB reception by non-EMC compliant LED bulbs, Elektor had investigated such lamps (as well as LED strips). The results showed a progressive increase in electromagnetic pollution.

The Federal Network Management Agency (BNetZa) as the responsible authority for market surveillance in accordance with the EMVG regulations has welcomed the call for the submission of suspicious devices. In addition, the Federal Agency would like to be informed of any lamps that are causing interference. They then will then investigate these situations and take the products off of the market, if they are still being offered for sale.

Please send suspicious devices to:

Elektor-Verlag GmbH, Kackertstr. 10, 52072 Aachen

Please enclose a note with the words "EMC LED lamp" so that everything is correctly routed when received. You can also pre-announce your submission via e-mail to redaktion@elektor.de with the subject "EMC-LED-Lamp". Elektor Verlag GmbH will check the lamp, publish an update report as necessary and inform the Federal Network Agency.

Elektor Article - https://www.elektormagazine.de/news/bundesnetzagentur-zu-schicken-sie-uns-verdachtige-led-lampen

DARC - http://darc.de/