Ham Kids Build - Learn Tech Skills

At the Hamvention amateur radio convention’s Youth Tech area, sponsored by Dayton Amateur Radio Association (DARA), an attraction was providing a space for young people aged between 9-18 to build their own technology kits.

The idea here is to teach kids skills such as soldering, which has been pretty much lost by recent generations — kids don’t grow up knowing how to do that anymore. So it teaches them skills on how to solder and at the same time they get to build some kits that teach different principles.
— Jeff Ullery KD8SHF, Chair of the Youth Tech Committee

Ullery, from Dayton, pointed out a boy working on a wireless Tesla speaker.

“Essentially when he’s done with it, he can plug it into any audio source such as his phone,” he said.

“It’s a perishable skill that kids are losing today because they don’t grow up doing this,” Ullery continued. “This is a way to re-instill those skills, because they’re still very useful skills.”

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