New Release of CATSync V1.11

CATSync allows the user to control public WebSDR receivers with a real rig connected via CAT. It supports the classical Web-SDR servers as well as the newer Kiwi SDR servers publically available on the internet.

This gives you access to dozens of web based receivers around the world with the comfort of tuning your rig at home.

This software helps you to bring you back into the fun of ham radio, for example when you are suffering from local temporary or permanent high noise levels in an urban QTH location.

Since it's initial release the software was greatly enhanced with additional features mainly based on user feedback.

The new revolutionary "Click + Tune" feature let's you now use the software for bidirectional control.

The previous versions only allowed to control the WebSDR servers via your rig, but not viceversa.

The new version will now also control your rig, by clicking on a frequency on the WebSDR waterfall (or KiwiSDR).

Also changing the mode on the WebSDR buttons will make your radio change into the same mode in realtime.

This basically allows you to use a WebSDR as if it is a panadapter connected to your radio.

For rigs that support separate control of RX/TX VFO (not all rigs do) via CAT it is also possible to click and tune the TX VFO (instead of the RX VFO) and automatically enable one-click split operation.

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