SmartSDR v2.3.7 Now Available

FlexRadio Systems announces the immediate availability of SmartSDR v2.3.7 for the FLEX-6000 Signature Series SDRs.  SmartSDR v2.3.7 is a General Availability (GA) release containing new features and fixes for SmartSDR for Windows, SmartSDR for Maestro, SmartSDR CAT and DAX.

SmartSDR 2.3.7 can be downloaded from the FlexRadio Systems web site. Please download and review the SmartSDR v2.3.7 Release Notes prior to installing SmartSDR v2.3.7 to ensure an optimal software installation experience.

A software license for the FLEX-6000 is required to run SmartSDR v2.3.7.  If your FLEX-6000 has been authorized to run a previous version of SmartSDRv2, re-authorization is not required.

All owners of the Limited Edition (LE) FLEX-6700 and FLEX-6500 SDRs or radios sold after May  2017, have been pre-authorized for SmartSDR v2 and do not require the purchase of a SmartSDR v2 license.  To run SmartSDR v2 on all other radios requires the purchase of a software license for the radio.

Obtaining and validating a license for your FLEX-6000 software defined radio is a simple process.  Once the radio and client have network access to the Internet, just load any version of the SmartSDR v2 software on your PC or Maestro.  In the radio chooser, if a radio requires a license, a status message will indicate a license is required before connecting to the radio and updating the firmware.  A “Buy” button is also presented so that you can conveniently purchase a SmartSDRv2 license using our Online Store.  Please see details below regarding purchasing a SmartSDR software license for your radio.

The following highlights are SmartSDR specific items:

Spots on the Panadapter Display: The ability to show “spots” from packet clusters or logging software is a new feature in SmartSDR v2.3.7.  SmartSDR provides an open interface for sending spot data to the FLEX-6000 from multiple data sources.  FlexRadio has provided the N1MM Logger+ support natively via a dedicated CAT port type.  Other third-party applications such as Slice Master 6000, FRStack and DXLogger also provide the capability of sending spot data to SmartSDR.  Please see the Spots Feature Description for more details.

Power Genius XL Support: SmartSDR v2.3.7 supports comprehensive integrated Power Genius XL control and operating state from within the SmartSDR software.

SmartLink No longer Susceptible to Display loss due to Packet Fragmentation: A new client connection protocol uses a standard Ethernet frame size for VITA-49 data which no longer fragments the datagrams.  This new client protocol resolves the problem of missing spectrum display (aka “the black square of death”).

Zoom to Band Feature: In addition to the Zoom In and Zoom Out controls, a new Zoom feature, Zoom to Band button (B) has been added.  When clicked, the panadapter will zoom to the active slice band limits.  Clicking it again will zoom back to the previous zoom level.

Power Level now Temperature Compensated: The efficiency of an RF power amplifier has a temperature dependency; as the temperature increases, efficiency and power output are decreased.  SmartSDR 2.3.7 now dynamically compensates for power loss as the PA temperature rises to provide a more stable maximum power output.

Added new TURF file for China: A new TURF file is available for Chinese customers that aligns with their national band plan and provides for 60m access.  Please submit a HelpDesk support ticket to request all TURF file requests.

Add the Ability to Create Slice Receivers in a Minimized State: A new global setting feature has been added that when enabled will create slice receivers in the minimized state (does not show the slice flag).  You can display the slice flag by clicking on the slice letter indicator.  This setting is found in the Settings->Radio Setup->RX tab

Fixed FLEX-6400M/FLEX-6600M Functions Buttons Staying Illuminated after Shut Down: In certain circumstances, the F1/F2 F3 buttons would stay lit after the FLEX-6400M or FLEX-6600M was powered down.  This defect has been fixed.

Bug Fixes: There have been other bug fixes in this release.  Please see the SmartSDR ChangeLog for a complete listing.

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