Swedish Amateur Radio Regulation Changes

Sweden's SSA has published an update on the changes to amateur radio exemption regulations that come into effect on 1st November 2018, this includes an 80% reduction in power level

On 1st October 2004, the Swedish communications regulator, PTS, made amateur radio transmitters exempt from individual licensing. In January 2018 PTS announced they would be drastically cutting the maximum permitted power under the license exempt regulations. To run higher power would require a special permit.

The SSA update on the changes to the exemption regulations says:

At the moment, it is speculative about the new amateur radio regulations and how the application process for high power licenses will look. Many members have asked SSA questions we were unable to answer. Now, however, the picture is becoming clearer.

The new exemption regulation, decided by the PTS, PTSFS 2018-3, -https://pts.se/globalassets/startpage/dokument/legala-dokument/foreskrifter/radio/beslutade_ptsfs-2018-3-undantagsforeskrifter.pdf

The regulation will enter into force on 1st November 2018 Given that the processing time for license applications is just six weeks, it will be a matter of urgency for those who want to participate in the high power class in this year's biggest international competitions.

Generally known in the past is that the general power limit for permission-free amateur radio is reduced from today's 1,000 watts to 200 watts. An application form for high power permits has been published on the Authority's website - https://www.pts.se/sv/privat/radio/ansokningshandlingar/

The application form shows that the permits apply only to fixed installations. Furthermore, it is also apparent that PTS thought that it should not apply for higher power output than today's 1000 watts. SSA wishes to emphasize that there is no fixed limit at 1000 watts in accordance with current regulations. You should be able to enter a different level of power in the Other Information Box if you consider such a need.

PTS has published a fact sheet with information about the new licenses on Friday: Factsheet on amateur radio station PTS-F-2018: - https://pts.se/globalassets/startpage/dokument/icke-legala-dokument/faktablad/radio/undantag/faktablad-amatorradiotillstand-pts-f-2018_7.pdf

2004 license exemption announcement - https://pts.se/en/english-b/radio/radio-amateurs/