FCC Launches “More than Seven Dirty Words” Podcast

The FCC has launched a new podcast series, More Than Seven Dirty Words, that will feature interviews with FCC officials and staff in addition to others in the communications arena. The podcast aims “to share untold stories, explain important policy issues, and maybe even do the impossible — make telecom interesting,” the FCC said in announcing the new media outlet.

One of the wonderful things about the digital age is the many ways to share information, so we’re excited to launch this new FCC podcast. Guests will share their personal stories behind FCC news headlines and break down various telecommunications-related issues. The podcast’s title is drawn from the first episode’s introductory discussion, which touches on the court fight over George Carlin’s “Seven Dirty Words” and the fallout from the 2004 Super Bowl halftime show.
— FCC Chairman Ajit Pai

The first podcast, “Puerto Rico se Levanta” runs 22 minutes and focuses on the FCC’s response to the 2017 Puerto Rico hurricane disaster.

The show is available from the usual podcast directories