Radio Hams in Indonesia Get 5 MHz Band

Indonesian amateur radio regulations have been issued with new bands at 136 kHz, 472 kHz and 5 MHz

The Ministry of Communications and Information Technology of the Republic of Indonesia has issued the new Amateur Radio Regulations dated 31st December 2018.

New Amateur Radio Regulations -

Indonesia has 4 license classes:

  • Penegak - Advanced

  • Penggalang - General

  • Siaga - Novice

  • Pemula - Entry Level

The entry level license in Indonesia permits the use of 144 MHz and 430 MHz bands with 10 watts output after passing a straight forward rules, regulations and operating type exam lasting just 20 minutes.

The exam appears to be set to meet the required amateur radio standards defined in ITU Recommendation M.1544-1 -!!PDF-E.pdf