Exercise Blue Ham 2019

EXERCISE BLUE HAM will take place over the weekend of 12-13 October 19. On the dates above the RAFAC (Royal Air Force Air Cadets) will be organising and running a military-style national radio exercise named ‘EXERCISE BLUE HAM 19’; other users may be the ACF (Army Cadet Force), SCC (Sea Cadet Corps) and CCF (Combined Cadet Force) and RAFAC Cadets. To make this successful we would like to invite all Full Licenced Amateur Radio Operators to take part and make contact with our ‘Special Callsigns’ during the weekend.

The exercise will take place on the MoD 5MHz (60 Mtr) Shared Band and will be on the section of the band that Amateurs are authorised to use (Check Licences Conditions and Band Plan). PSK31 Data Mode on 5366.5kHz or Olivia Signal 16/500 may be used on the 5368.0kHz frequency exchanging the same QSO information as listed in bold below.

Cadet stations will call ‘Alpha Charlie’ which is the equivalent of CQ, amateur stations are welcome to reply to these calls. Exercise Callsigns will all be in the range MRE01 up to MRE98 although other MR, MF and MA prefixed callsigns may be taking part.

The information exchange to complete the contact will be

  • Your Callsign

  • Your Location – Using the 6 Digit Maidenhead locator only

  • Transmitter Power

  • Radio Check / Signal Report

  • Antenna Type

  • Antenna Direction

Your operating location is to be in 6 digit Maidenhead Square format as it makes it easier to log (details are above) and can be a location near you.

More details - https://alphacharlie.org.uk/exercise-blue-ham