Supporting Innovation through Wireless Technology

Ofcom's paper "Supporting the expanding role of wireless innovation in the UK industry" highlights the importance of the spectrum from 1-75 GHz for innovation

Ofcom has published a discussion paper on how wireless technology can help businesses to innovate and be more efficient.

Harnessing the potential of wireless technology is crucial to businesses being able to increase productivity, lower costs and improve the quality of their services. Industries such as agriculture, manufacturing and logistics are already using wireless connections to improve their services. For example, by introducing automation in factory production lines or using real-time data to monitor crops remotely.

The discussion paper looks at how these connections are driving innovation across different sectors; the issues businesses need to consider when introducing wireless technology, and the different technical approaches they can take when doing so.

Ofcom manages the UK’s airwaves, so we also explain our role in supporting this innovation. This includes providing a wide range of organisations with access to the spectrum needed to power wireless services.

Ofcom is keen to work with any businesses or organisations who are interested in making better use of wireless connections. We will be holding a series of workshops this spring to discuss the opportunities highlighted in this paper in more detail.

Download the report -