Bethlehem Receives First Signals From OSCAR 100

Rickus de Lange, ZS4A in Bethlehem was the first station in South Africa to report having monitor QSOs on Qatar OSCAR 100. Rickus pointed his dish skywards and on the eve of the official inauguration of Es’hailsat on 14 February 2019 monitored QSOs from the geostationary satellite.

Es’hailsat has been one of the major discussions on the agenda of the AMSAT Space Symposiums over the past two years with Hannes Coetzee, ZS6BZP providing details of how to set up an inexpensive ground station.

AMSAT SA is also proud to announce that AMSAT SA Space Symposium 2019 is being validated by the SAIEE, as per ECSA Policy, under validation no. SAIEE- 2479-V

Es’hailsat is the first geostationary satellite to cover Africa, Europe and the Middle East providing DX opportunities 24 hours per day. The transponder was built by AMSAT DL in Germany and is being managed by the Qatar Amateur Radio Society.

Rickus' Recording -