Student Promotes Ham Radio

A 16-year-old Yuki Fukumitsu JM8JPN is encouraging a new younger generation to take up Amateur Radio

It may no longer be the "king of hobbies" that it once was, but amateur radio is now a calling to kids in a generation that grew up on smartphones. Well, at least one of them. And 16-year-old Yuki Fukumitsu is sending out the call to others to try their hand at ham radio themselves.

The number of local radio hams has rapidly decreased since the hobby's heyday in the 1970s, with many of them now in their 70s. However, the first-year Hokkaido Kushiro Meiki Senior High School student has taken a deep interest in such technology, as it is "uncertain", unlike the ubiquitous smartphone.

The young hopeful said: “My friends don’t quite understand the fun of amateur radio. I want to recruit like-minded people through Twitter and a Blog.”

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