Radio Ham Takes on Department of Justice

Radio amateur Arnold P. Ferolito K2PEV, owner RM Broadcasting LLC, is fighting a Department of Justice attempt to force him to register under the 1938 Foreign Agents Registration Act (FARA)

Arnold P. Ferolito K2PEV, 76, now has residences in Florida and New Jersey, grew up poor in the Bronx.

As a child, he built ham radios and this led him, as an adult, to repairing quadruplex videotape machines in his basement from which he founded a multi-million dollar video company.

Arnold Ferolito K2PEV believes the expansion of the FARA statute to radio broadcasters is an egregious overstep that is unconstitutional. He says registering under the act would mean he'd have to relinquish his 4th Amendment rights.

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