WOLFWAVE Advanced Audio Processor

WOLFWAVE is an audio processing system. It includes sophisticated bandpass filtering, noise reduction and even age-related hearing correction! All these facilities have been designed to help users increase their enjoyment of voice, data and CW communications.

WOLFWAVE also includes a useful low-distortion audio test generator that can generate one or two tones for transmitter testing. Another novel feature is an experimental CW Regenerator that gives noise-free CW reception.

WOLFWAVE features a bright OLED spectrum display and on-screen help, all powered by the latest ARM low-power processor with a 20-bit CODEC. There are separate audio outputs for headphones and a loudspeaker.

WOLFWAVE firmware is upgradable so users will always benefit from the latest developments. Such is the flexibility of the WOLFWAVE hardware that other enhancements are sure to follow!

WOLFWAVE Advanced Audio Processor - https://www.sotabeams.co.uk/wolfwave-advanced-audio-processor/