FoxTelem Version 1.07 Released

FoxTelem Version 1.07 has been released, after the success of the test version, claning up several issues from version 1.06 and including a lower decoding rate.

In addition to defects in FoxTelem 1.06 and earlier versions of 1.07, this version also introduces Doppler calculation with automatic adjustment of the decoder frequency. This is especially useful for decoding beacons and has been helpful in testing for Fox-1A / AO-85 and Fox-1Cliff / AO-95 which are both in SAFE mode. Decoding from Doppler takes a bit of configuration to get right. Have a read of the new sections in the manual or ask for help if you want to give it a try. There are pros and cons vs “Find Signal” for sure.

Version 1.07 changes the core SDR within FoxTelem to use a Numerically Controlled Oscillator (NCO) rather than an FFT Filter for the conversion to base-band. This produces better decodes and will allow the support of wider bandwidth SDRs in the future. The old decoder is available still if needed from the settings screen. Read the manual for details.

Version 1.07 also introduces two new BPSK decoders in advance of the Fox-1E launch.

KEY CHANGES in FoxTelem Version 1.07

  • Ability to add a new spacecraft from the menu. You can also remove them.

  • Doppler calculation and tracking as an option instead of “Find Signal”

  • A better SDR based on a Numerically Controlled Oscillator, ready for wider SDRs

  • Two new PSK decoders – Costas Loop and Dotproduct

  • RTL dongle implemented for testing, though more work to do

  • Stops downloading keps when position calc is off

  • Allows toggling of high speed / DUV display when in auto mode

  • Fixed plotting issues for Earth plots

  • Fixes several crashes and bugs

  • Fixes copy paste issues with tables

  • Respects left/right audio preference when processing wav files

  • Implements formats for later spacecraft – Fox-1E and HuskySat

  • Linux and Mac launch script updated to locate the JVM (especially on Mac). Please report if when this works/does not work

  • MEMS gyro calibration updated

  • Fixed a bug where AO-85 data from the server could not be stepped through

And many other bug fixes.

Full list of changes in FoxTelem Version 1.07 -

FoxTelem Version 1.07 (Windows) -
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