SDRPlay Software Update

SDRPlay have released a new version of the RSP TCP Server.

In the above video demonstration of “extended mode” which makes sure you get the full ADC resolution over the internet connection.   Any EXTIO-compatible software can make use of this.

Versions of this server for Windows, Mac and Raspberry Pi. 

Download -

For Android device users, a released an open beta version of the SDRplay driver which works with SDR Touch for RSP1, RSP1A, RSP2 and RSP2pro.

  1. Download and install the SDRplay driver

  2. Download and install SDR Touch

  3. Confirm your android device is compatible with OTG cables (unfortunately some are not)

  4. Connect the RSP via an OTG cable to your android device

  5. Start the SDRplay driver

  6. Start SDR Touch

  7. Press the power button in SDR Touch

The software still works in basic mode without all the features of the RSP family. However as well as adding the RSPduo, work is in progress with the SDR Touch software author to get these features added in the future.

More Information -