Amateur Radio in UK Spectrum Policy Forum report

The UK Spectrum Policy Forum (SPF) have released the report Valuing the impact of radio spectrum use on the UK economy which features amateur radio

The SPF report contains input from Graham Murchie, G4FSG (previous RSGB Chair) plus Steve Thomas, M1ACB and Murray Niman, G6JYB.

He outlined shortage of practical skills in the radio arena and gave examples of where RSGB is encouraging development of these skills.

Spectrum use already contributes billions to the UK economy. However, Government want to double its financial contribution by 2025 during a time that the spectrum use landscape is and will continue to transform. Therefore, industry feel Government should provide an update to their UK Spectrum Strategy. This update should develop a more holistic review of the impact of spectrum on the UK economy which they can act on if need be and industry can learn from.
— Tony Lavender, Chair of the UK SPF Steering Board