Austria Proposes Revision to HF Amateur / Ham Radio Band Plans

The Austrian national amateur radio society ÖVSV is planning on proposing changes to the HF Amateur / Ham Radio Band Plans at the IARU Region 1 meeting 27-28th April 2018

The list of band plans delivered with the April issue of the QSP publication to the members of the national associations and the Austrian Military Radio Society (AMRS) is a simplified representation of the band plans currently recommended by the IARU region 1, as the name implies by the ÖVSV.

This double-sided work aid for the practical operation on the bands is designed very high quality and is certainly very helpful. The individual band segments are highlighted in different colors and show clearly visible at the beginning and end of the areas for the respective operating modes.

In there application, the ÖVSV proposes an expansion to DATA mode allocations by 25%.

ÖVSV paper VIE19 C4-011 to IARU Region 1 -