Swedish National Society Reorganise Youth Activities

Sweden's national amateur radio society, the SSA, has set up a separate youth section led by Oliver Djurle SA5ODJ

SSA's youth activities have so far been included in the section Education and Certification. On March 26, the SSA Board decided to set up a separate youth section. Oliver Djurle, SA5ODJ, was appointed as section leader.

The young people themselves have already taken the main responsibility for the business, with their own budget and their own business plan. Through the establishment of a youth section, this becomes clearer and hopefully, the business becomes even more visible.

In addition to Oliver, the youth section consists of Peter SA2BLV, Markus SA3BPG, Wilhelm SA6BET and Joakim SA0BSJ.

Currently, preparations for the Easter weekend's NOTA camp in Finnish Salo are underway, where thirteen Swedish young people will participate. In August, the SSA will send three participants to the IARU Region 1 Youth Camps Youngsters On The Air in Bulgaria.

SSA (Google English) - https://tinyurl.com/SwedenSSA