Radio Ham to Set Up Emergency Communications Centre

Amateur radio enthusiast is setting up an emergency communication centre and hopes to garner interest from new or future operators

Waitsburg's Brian Treadway K7BDT said he followed his grandfather's footsteps into ham radio but now uses the platform mostly in an emergency response capacity. He's hoping to garner more local interest, especially from those interested in providing emergency services.

Like a lot of guys, my grandpa had a ham shack out behind the house. He had all the equipment. Of course, in the old days it would take up several feet of shelf space whereas today I can hold a radio that talks around the world
— Brian Treadway K7BDT

Amateur radio, better known as ham radio is a hobby enjoyed by over a million people worldwide who call themselves "radio hams" or simply "hams." Most hams get into the hobby for fun, but ham radio can provide valuable communication services during states of emergency. When cell towers and antennas are down amateur radio is one of the few means of communication available.

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