WSJTX 2.1.0RC5 Release – The FT4 Protocol for Digital Contesting

The release canndidate of WSJTX 2.1.0RC5 has been released, intended for beta testers: individuals interested in testing the program’s new features and providing feedback to the WSJT Development Group.

At the time of this release, the group not yet completed the WSJT-X 2.1 User Guide. Potential users of the candidate release should read The FT4 Protocol for Digital Contesting before proceeding.

English: FT4_Protocol.pdf (K1JT, K9AN, G4WJS)

German: FT4_Protocol_de.pdf (OE1EQW)

Spanish: FT4_Protocol_es.pdf (EA4BAS)

French: FT4_Protocol_fr.pdf (VE2EBK)

Finnish FT4_Protocol_fi.pdf (OH1KH)

Chinese FT4_Protocol_zh.pdf (BD5RV)

Norwegian FT4_Protocol_no.pdf (LA6VQ)

Japanese FT4_Protocol_jp.pdf (JA7UDE)

Danish FT4_Protocol_da.pdf (OZ1KZX)

Korean FT4_Protocol_ko.pdf (HL3AMO)

Download WSJTX 2.1.0RC5 Release -