CEPT Annual Radio Interference Statistics

The CEPT has made available the annual radio interference statistics for 2013-2017 based on submissions by national regulators, including Ofcom

Ofcom's report to CEPT shows that in 2017 there were 99 cases of Interference to the Amateur and Amateur-Satellite Services formally reported to Ofcom:

  • 49 caused by non-radio devices such as electrical appliances

  • 50 were from other radio users

These are likely to be a small fraction of interference Amateur Radio operators endure as most suffer in silence rather than submitting an online report on the problem. Interference can be reported via - https://www.ofcom.org.uk/spectrum/interference-enforcement/interference-to-amateur-radio

It is notable that Ofcom found there weren't any cases of radio amateurs causing interference to other services.

Download the CEPT annual radio interference statistics and special interference cases - https://cept.org/ecc/groups/ecc/wg-fm/fm-22/client/introduction/annual-radio-interference-statistics-and-special-interference-cases/

CEPT Radio Amateurs page - https://cept.org/ecc/topics/radio-amateurs

The Chair of the CEPT FM Radio Amateur Forum Group (RA-FG) is Barry Lewis G4SJH - https://www.cept.org/ecc/groups/ecc/wg-fm/fm-radio-amateur-fg/client/introduction/

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