Could a New Licence Counter Threats at VHF and Above?

Concerns have been raised recently by IARU Region 1 about potential threats to the amateur radio 144 MHz and higher bands

Activity levels in 144 MHz and the higher bands have plummeted in the past 20 years. Increasingly we are seeing commercial interests seeking to gain access to what some might regard as "little used" amateur spectrum.

Several countries have already adopted an Entry Level Licence requiring some 7 hours training (roughly half that required for 2019 UK Foundation), the results have been encouraging. The entire course and a straight-forward 20 question 30 minute test could be completed in a single day instead of the two full days plus one evening typically required for UK Foundation courses.

Entry Level Licences are set to meet the requirements laid down in ITU Recommendation M.1544 which defines the minimum levels of operational and technical knowledge for a person wishing to operate a station in the amateur services.

Such a licence could permit operation at low power, say 10 watts, on all amateur bands above 50 MHz. Such licences would transform activity levels on these bands.

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