New SDRplay Diversity Software for RSPduo Released

SDRPlay has released SDRuno Version 1.32, API Version 3.04 and ADS-B (dump1090) Version 1.45

The purpose of the new SDRuno software release is primarily to add the MRC (Maximal Ratio Combining) Diversity functionality for the RSPduo, but it also contains other fixes and additions based on customer feedback. Diversity functionality is described on P.78 of the SDRuno User Manual from which the following is taken:

From V1.32 onwards, MRC (Maximal Ratio Combining) Diversity is supported using the RSPduo. MRC
Diversity can be used to combine the 2 tuner input streams together to potentially improved the SNR
(signal to noise ratio). The same frequency is used for both tuners in the RSPduo and the gain can be
adjusted either on each tuner independently or locked together (the default method).
Diversity mode is enabled by clicking on the RSPduo MODE dropdown and select DIVERSITY. Make sure both the 50 ohm ports are connected to the correct input source and note that the HiZ port is not available for Diversity mode. Trying to use the HiZ port will result in an error message being displayed.

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