VRT Withdraws Slur Against Radio Amateurs

Belgium's Flemish broadcaster VRT falsely said radio amateurs were likely responsible for the transmission of fictional traffic information to vehicle dashboard screens

The burglars are most likely radio amateurs. These are people who have equipment with which they can pick up on an FM frequency. You listen to national channels via different masts that are scattered in Flanders. A radio amateur can then actually connect to a local transmission tower, and in that way forward the false traffic information. That can be seen on the dashboard for a maximum of 15 minutes, until your car is no longer connected to the transmission tower.
— VRT Niews published the story on 13th August 2019, (Google translation)

This was false story was clearly damaging to the reputation of radio amateurs and Belgium's national amateur radio society, the UBA, was quick to respond, contacting VRT and issuing a press release. VRT have since corrected their story.

It is not the first time that local traffic information has been disrupted in Belgium. At the beginning of March, drivers between Brussels and Ghent were also given false traffic information.

UBA report on the matter (Google English) - https://tinyurl.com/BelgiumUBA

Corrected VRT Niews Story - https://www.vrt.be/vrtnws/nl/2019/08/13/valse-verkeersinfo-hacking/