New Scandinavia Ham Radio Operators

Following successful work by Amateur/Ham Radio training groups, a number of new Amateur/Ham Radio Operators have come on air in Scandinavia

In June 2017, 34 new operators joined the amateur/ham radio hobby, making a total of new operators to 64 so far in 2017.

Of the 64 new operators, 61 have taken up membership with the national association - SSA

Not to be outdone by their Swedish neighbours, in the city of Bergen, Norway a group of 15-60 years old have completed an amateur/radio education course.

The training team nearly achieved a perfect result, with all but one of the 22 students passing the exam.

Norway has a single class of Amateur Radio license. It is thought the single 28 question exam paper, to get the equivalent of a CEPT Class 1 licence (equal to UK Full), may be the shortest of any CEPT country.

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