Three Ham Radio satellite deployments in November

Nader Omer ST2NH reports that a large number of satellites carrying amateur radio payloads that are expected to be launched in Novemeber 2013

There will be 37 new satellite downlinks to be received with two of the satellites also providing 435/145 MHz linear transponders for SSB/CW communications.

It will present a considerable challenge to correctly identify all satellites and match them to the NORAD Two-Line Element data in the days after deployment.

Launch Dates

  • • November 19 Minotaur-1 launch
  • • November 21 Yasny Dnepr launch
  • • November 25 ISS CubeSat deployment

Mineo Wakita JE9PEL has produced a list of frequencies of the satellites carrying amateur radio payloads that are planned to launched.

An edited version of the list can be seen -

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