80m ham radio band used for wideband video/data

Trials in the UK have used 3.613 MHz for 24 kHz bandwidth high-speed data and video transmissions

In recent years there has been increasing military interest in high-speed data on HF.

By using modern modulation techniques a SSB channel can support a raw data rate of 12800 bps and wider transmissions can support proportionally faster data rates. Trials have shown that color video at 15 frames per second can be streamed on HF in a bandwidth of just 18 kHz. That is the type of bandwidth that may be accommodated in the amateur radio 29 MHz band.

In the UK HF trials have taken place between Blandford and Portsmouth (Portsdown), and Arbroath and Portsmouth. They used frequencies, licensed by Ofcom, of 3.613, 6.390, 7.975 and 13.047 MHz with bandwidths up to 24 kHz and power up to 400 watts.

Information on the trials - http://www.hfindustry.com/meetings_presentations/presentation_materials/2012_sept_hfia/presentations/RC_WBHF_UK_Trial_2012.pdf

USA trials of video streaming over a 1320 km HF path - http://hfindustry.com/meetings_presentations/presentation_materials/2011_sept_hfia/presentations/3_Rockwell_WBHF_High_Order_QAM_OTA_Results.pdf

Military Aerospace reports that short wave radio (HF) is being considered as an alternative to Satellite communications (SATCOM) - http://www.militaryaerospace.com/blogs/aerospace-defense-blog/2013/07/are-costs-and-vulnerabilities-making-military-leaders-nervous-about-satellite-communications.html