UK Retailer Fined for Faulty Battery Sale

UK HIgh Street Retailer Poundstrecher has admitted 35 offences of “supplying or offering faulty or dangerous goods” after Swansea Trading Standards teams launched an investigation into the sale of Hyundai and V2 Xtreme branded batteries.

The inspectors uncovered a number of stores throughout Wales were selling the batteries, that were either leaking or out of date.

Their customers deserve better than to be sold sub-standard batteries which were leaking zinc and acid and putting people - especially young children - at risk of very serious harm.
— Mark Child, Cabinet Member for Wellbeing at Swansea Council

The company admitted the offence, and was fined £350,000, with an additonal £20,000 court costs awarded against the company.

Crown Crest (Leicester), who supplied Poundstrecher with the product, were fined a total of nearly £150,000 including costs for the same offence.

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