Chess Controversy and Morse Code

A controversy in the world of Chess has been linked back to Amateur / Ham Radio.

A BBC Report claims that Chess Officials intervened in a match when a 37 year old Mr Ricciardi from Italy, appeared to be blinking in an unusual manner and holding his hand under his armpit.

Then I understood it, he was deciphering signals in Morse code.
— Match referee Jean Coqueraut

The player, after refusing to open his shirt, was uncovered when a metal detector found a small camera that officials believe was transmitting pictures to an advisor who was sending back moves from a Chess computer in morse code to Ricciardi.

Match referee Jean Coqueraut became aware of Ricciardi earlier in the tournament as he was performing well above his ranking level.

He noticed Ricciardi was always sitting, played with his arms across his chest and was batting his eyelids in an unnatural way.

The Italian Chess Federation is deciding whether to press charges for sports fraud.

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