NZ 77-81 GHz Radiolocation and Vehicle Radar

The New Zealand communications regulator has announced that ground-based radio location including automotive radar will be permitted to use 77-81 GHz 

The Radiocommunications Regulations (General User Radio Licence for Short Range Devices) Notice was updated to include a new provision covering the frequency range 77-81 GHz.  This provision is for the purpose of ground-based radio location use, including automotive short range radar technology. 

The provision is in line with the outcomes of the World Radiocommunication Conference that concluded in November 2015. 
The decision made under WRC-15 Agenda item 1.18 is to allocate the frequency range 77.5-78 GHz to radio location on a primary basis.  This enables a contiguous block of spectrum in the band 77-81 GHz for use by radio location service globally.

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